A Tariff by Any Other Name…

Leo Gerard, president of United Steelworkers, is quoted as follows in this article from today’s New York Times:

This isn’t protectionism; we’re enforcing the law,” Mr. Gerard said. “We’re trying to defend our members’ job security. In order to do that in this kind of a global economy, we need to police imports and trade law.”

Not being glib, but perhaps someone ought to get Mr. Gerard a dictionary.  A quick glance at the Wikipedia entry on protectionism offers this:

Protectionism is the economic policy of restraining trade between states, through methods such as tariffs on imported goods, restrictive quotas, and a variety of other restrictive government regulations designed to discourage imports, and prevent foreign take-over of local markets and companies. This policy is closely aligned with anti-globalization, and contrasts with free trade, where government barriers to trade are kept to a minimum. The term is mostly used in the context of economics, where protectionism refers to policies or doctrines which “protect” businesses and workers within a country by restricting or regulating trade with foreign nations.

 I’m just sayin’ …


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